#JHMF PREMIERE: AUDIO | “Lose Your Love” @AcapellaTNFAC


When a shooter gets on a hot streak you keep feeding them the rock. This is something I’ve been taught since the playground days of my basketball dreams and something I’ll continue to do as long as a shooter is hot. That shooter this week is current LA resident Acapella. For the foreseeable future, he’s going to be cooking up tracks and I’ll be dropping them on Thursday’s at 12pm EDT. This week we get another fire record from him with “Lose Your Love”.

Acapella taps into the west coast sound a little bit on this one and gets some help from the auto-tune as well. If you’re a fan of Kanye you’ll hear some hints of his sound throughout the years blended together to create this track about losing the love of someone you care about deeply. The hook has him chanting this while the verses see him telling a story of how they got to this point. Having relationship problems? Turn this one up and let those tears out my friend. Nothing wrong with a good cry.


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