ALBUM | “The 4th Wall” @JahshuaSmith


One of the reasons why I love Deadpool is because he breaks the “4th wall” and interacts with the audience. It’s such a different feeling for a comic hero to do something like that and I think it’s one of the reasons why the movie was so successful (it helps that it was rated R & Ryan Reynolds played the role he was born to play). Music is a little more difficult to break that 4th wall unless you create a concept project. Jahshua Smith did that with his debut The Final Season and returns to expand on it with The Fourth Wall today.

Smith led up to this album with fantastic singles like “Zero Gravity”, “Black Diamonds”, and the fun “Grey Goose Quesadillas”. I love when artists put together a cohesive body of work that relates to their previous one and that’s what The Fourth Wall does. Don’t worry, if you’re new to Smith’s music you don’t need to go back to his first album to enjoy the music although you might want to so you can find out why you’ve been sleeping on his music. Features come from PhourTheLove, Mic Write, Nolan The Ninja, James Gardin, Adam Reverie, and Red Pill while production is handled by StewRAT, The Sound Addict, Jay Norm, KuroiOto, and The Race Card.


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