VIDEO | “Hand Ova Fist” @sOul11525


Talk about timing. More black men have been murdered at the hands of the police this week…actually, I don’t think we’ve gone one week this year without a police shooting of a black man. Of course my people want to get mad at Colin Kaepernick for not standing for America but won’t say a thing besides “well black on black crime” for these men getting killed. I can see why someone would run away from the police if that opportunity ever presented itself. Today sOuL from the O gives us music and video about this subject on “Hand Ova Fist”.

sOuL takes the production from Brenk Sinatra’s “Tryin” and paints a vivid picture while showing you one in the video as well. He talks about not trusting the police and ditching them, hopping fences, bushes, and hauling ass in the car to avoid confrontation with them. The video is an excellent job of executing this notion, making it a fun watch for a serious issue. This will have a home on sOuL’s upcoming Contraband Mixtape that’s being released on October 6th.


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