AUDIO | “Feel Like The Devil Really Want You Dead?” @Willie_Withers


There are days where things just don’t go your way. Maybe you hit every red light on the way to work then once you get there you spill coffee on your clothes. From there you just can’t do anything right and you feel like there’s an other worldly power that’s doing these things to you. You’re not alone in that feeling because there are days where the universe is out to get you. If you believe in heaven and hell then you know that angels and demons are fighting over our souls even when we’re sleeping. Sometimes it can feel like the devil really wants you dead as Willie Withers explains on his latest single.

Withers used to rhyme under the name HelioS back in the day but has since done a rebranding and worked on his craft to get better. The song is full of raw emotion and sound as Withers uncanny flow fits snug into the beat while he tells us about feeling like Satan can want your soul. No matter what you’re going through, you’re going to make it through it. Someone needs to see that line and I hope they do.


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