#JHMF Saturday Selection 9/24/16


This week felt good for the site. The Indie Artist Advice video that I did on Periscope last week eclipsed 500 views and the one from last night is sitting around 100 already. For me, that’s a big milestone because I just started these not too long ago. There won’t be one this Friday as I’m flying back to Indiana to see my family but I’ll be sure to keep these going when I get back. Until then, you can watch both of those at the links above and get ready to enjoy some great indie hip-hop that was posted on the site this week.

There wasn’t a lot of music to turn up to this week and I’m ok with that. Every now and then you need some songs to get you into a soul searching mood or a song that makes you think about life. Alex Aff came the closest to one of these uptempo records with “Everything” as he wants it all. Then we take a trip to Toronto and meet Jayd Ink who makes a phenomenal record about having “Darkskin” and dealing with that throughout her life.

If you want something fun and lyrical, look no further than the KING ELJAY, Melvin Burch, and D-Gut “Brutality” single. They make a lot of Mortal Kombat references and the beat even has a sample. If you want to take a deeper look into being a better man then you can listen to Fool Boy Marley try to win his girl back on “Better Man” or if you want to know what it’s like to be black in America today, hit play on Adam Reverie’s “Wanna Be A N***a”. Lastly, the best video this week comes from Pavy for his “Love Life/ The Walker” double feature. Both songs are nice and they’re a good change of pace going from summer to fall this week.



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