AUDIO | “Thru The Smoke” x “What Ya Like” @Spokendopeness


It can be hard to accept an artist when they decide to change their style or sound. For an indie artist this is the time where you can refine your sound and get it perfect before swarms of fans come calling and getting mad at your for “selling out”. Washington’s Sunny D. Light has released six tracks in six weeks and I have his latest two for you, “Thru The Smoke” and “What Ya Like”.

“Thru The Smoke” is produced by Trvsh God and is a mid-tempo record. Sunny has fun while smoking and drinking on the job with this one, using a mild flow to keep pace with the heavy 808’s that thump in the headphones. Meanwhile he slows things down on the 6ixty produced “What Ya Like” as he makes this one for the ladies but the subject matter doesn’t change much: hustlin’, smoking, and pouring up. Right now you can enjoy these and go back in the archives to find all of the records he’s released since starting this six week onslaught. He’s currently in the studio working on more new music so look for that soon.


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