VIDEO | “Famous” @AzizaCree


Many people don’t consider fame a drug but I do. To see some of the lengths people will go through just to have followers or to be known online is scary now days. You never know what someone is willing to do to get recognition until it happens and it’s not something many people handle well. How many times do you see famous people blowing up in the media after the spotlight is off of them. Fame is addicting and it’s not a healthy addiction. But, I guess no addiction is healthy. Oakland’s Aziza Cree demonstrates what fame can do to someone with Dan IDK’s lyrics on “Famous”.

The video is in black and white, giving it a mystique of its own. Aziza sings with a beautiful cadence while the songs underlying theme and video are dark natured. At the end of the video we see Aziza slumping off into what may be her very own death due to some of the things she has done to become famous and adorned by people. This is a record that needs to be seen by people who are thinking of going into the entertainment business because that spotlight isn’t built for everyone.


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