AUDIO | “Fa$t Life Season” @FastLifeATLANYC


It’s so hard to live life at a normal pace today. Thanks to social media you see and do everything in real time and it can become overwhelming at times. Some people aren’t cut out for the uptempo style of life (you thought I was going to make a pun about his name didn’t you). Fa$t Life returns to us this week fresh off of a Waka Flocka feature to tell us that “Fa$t Life Season” is approaching.

Life’s new single is produced by Natural Disaster who has worked with Soulja Boy and Beyonce in the past. He delivers punchlines over this freestyle, telling us about his life and his grind over the past 10 summers. This record is a great way to get to know Fa$t Life as not only an emerging artist but as a person in general. He’s working at the same pace of his name and you’ll be hearing more new stuff from him in the near future.



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