REVIEW | “Twenty Sixteens” @seeshreve



  • “Baow” feat. DJ Jet and Mike L!ve
  • “Catacombs”
  • “I Love H.E.R.”
  • “New Styles”

Hip-hop is beautiful. My favorite genre of music has undergone so many changes over the course of time and many of them were before I even discovered. You had the boom-bap and lyrical style, then it transitioned into pop culture, and now it’s being dominated by the trap sound. Don’t worry, if you’re a purist at heart there are still artists out there that value substance over heavy 808’s and rapid hi-hats. C. Shreve The Professor is still in love with her and he’s one of the artists you can look to if you want substance and lyrics in your musical content.

Shreve is an artist that doesn’t put it in your face that all the music sounds the same in his music. He shows you that his music is different while taking popular styles and bending them to fit his style of music. For instance you can listen to his Twenty Sixteens project and find tracks that sound like something you would hear in hip-hop’s lyrical era (“Catacombs”, “I Love H.E.R.”) but you can also hear songs that have production that sounds like it came from our current era of music (“Baow”, “New Styles”). What Shreve is doing is showing you that you can still be lyrical on your records while catering to the sound of present day. We always hear the gripe that music now days is awful because it’s all about the melody and beat, not about the lyrics. C. Shreve is catering to both crowds throughout his latest album.


Twenty Sixteens is something you can play if you want to have a great day just listening to lyrics that you can rap along to. Shreve doesn’t do much story telling on here but he makes up for it with flow, lyrical content, and emotion. His voice makes him sound hungry as if he’s ready for his big break. He’s straight forward on his records and gets to the point fast. This leaves little room to enjoy production on its own and nearly every record is under three minutes and thirty seconds. This album is a fast listen but it’s a quality listen as you’ll get to experience the merging of lyrical hip-hop with today’s sound.


Shreve The Professor doesn’t miss lyrically and he executes his song concepts flawlessly. While you won’t get a track of him telling you a story, he makes his lyrics vivid so you’ll be seeing what he’s saying (see “Parasol” for a prime example of this, especially on the chorus). If you have some time to kill and are looking for a new project that you can nod your head to while you’re getting work done or getting ready for the weekend, I recommend Twenty Sixteens from C. Shreve The Professor. He’s a great example of what’s going on in North Carolina hip-hop and people from that state should be happy to have him representing their team.


3.5 out of 5

Purchase Twenty Sixteens Here


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