AUDIO | “Wide Awake” @becomingbry


While I love what Chicago and New York are doing with their music scene, respectively, one area you should keep an eye on is New England. There are many talented artists that are starting to come from clam chowder central and they bring a hunger to hip-hop that many haven’t seen. It could be from their area not really having a mega star yet but they’re super creative up there and Bry is an example of one of these artists. The 20 year old is preparing to release his sophomore project and “Wide Awake” serves as the third single.

Bry is hungry to make it in the music industry. The Beatscraze produced single is filled with 808’s and horns that will have you ready to party when the chorus drops. Bry’s lyrics focus on his competition getting a good nights sleep while he’s doing everything he can to make it, grinding all night and all day to make his dream come true. If you have a dream and want to make it happen, this will go on your playlist ASAP.


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