VIDEO | “Brothas” @youngderf


Being a young, aspiring artist in a place that doesn’t cater to your craft can be heartbreaking. You see people on the internet being supported from their areas and also by influential people on Twitter while you’re just trying to get someone in your hometwon to take a chance on you. While Lexington, KY isn’t known for hip-hop that’s slowly changing with people like Devine CaramaAllen Poe, and FreDD C. FreDD is getting ready to drop an EP soon and gets to promoting it with his latest video and single, “Brothas”.

FreDD does a fantastic job of putting on for his hometown with this video, showing us around his stomping grounds while dropping some great lyrics. The Cory D. produced record is a mix of classic hip-hop and today’s sound as FreDD makes sure he selects each bar carefully while talking about having “brothers” as opposed to having friends. While FreDD is a young artist his soul is old and he bares it all with “Brothas”. Check it out and look for the EP later this year.


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