VIDEO | “New Obsession” @Nomad_Nate @DannyBoySmooth


What are you currently obsessed with? For me it’s Luke Cage on Netflix and horror movies. This is my favorite time of year because the weather has changed and it’s the only time I ever like to watch scary movies so I binge them from now through Halloween. You may have a different obsession and that’s cool. New York artists Nomad and Danny Boy Smooth do and they share it with us in their new video.

This single was released over the summer and they cook up the “New Obsession” video to give the song some more life. Nomad and Danny give us a trap induced song that talks about the finer things they’re obsessed with along with the women they encounter due to all of this. The video features scenes of the two chilling in a ritzy looking place with women while celebrating their “new obsession”. If you enjoy this record, and video, you’ll be in for a treat when Nomad releases his To Whom It May Concern project when it drops next month.


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