AUDIO | “Coke Run” @MusicByMeRCY @Solidified_

Sometimes you just have to make a Coke run. Well, I don’t mean drugs. Sometimes you just have the urge to go grab a Coke to get some work done. But if you are into drugs, then this track is probably for you. While we won’t be getting MeRCY’s Swamp Thing project until early next year, he’s not leaving us high and dry (no pun intended). He’s giving us an EP titled Montana Lives Forever that is loosely based off of the 1983 movie Scarface.

As usual we get production from in-house iLLustrious producer Solidified as MeRCY takes on the task of telling us how drugs can make you rich. The beat is boom-bap yet modern in the same sense. This is right up MeRCY’s alley and he stays in pocket for this one no matter how many times you hear a long sniff in the background. You can expect Montana Lives Forever to be released on Wednesday.


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