VIDEO | “SMART” @PalmerReedMusic

One thing I’m looking forward to now that I’m settled in to my move is discovering the talented artists the city of Orlando has to offer. I didn’t get to discover much in Augusta while I was there but now that Orlando is my permanent home I’m excited to become a part of the scene down here. One artist I was just put onto from here is Palmer Reed, a kid who has been featured on music with Baka Boys and Too $hort. Today the O-Town rising star delivers the funky video to match his “SMART” single.

Produced by Andre and Big Makk (the latter whom passed away in August due to a car accident) this single will take you to the party and make you feel good. The production is obscure while Reed tells us about being a rising artist and making a way when he thought there wasn’t one. I love the video being a play on VHS tapes and making it look retro as we see him dancing for the camera in what looks like a fun party. The still shots of Big Makk add some humor throughout as well (this video was filmed before his passing). You can purchase  this single now and proceeds will go to Makk’s family.


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