Support Your Friends Friday 10/28/16

This is one of my favorite things that I’ve done on the site in a while. I know that you have to pay rent next Tuesday. I have to as well so I know you’ve been saving the last check so you can make it. You’re eating Ramen and stealing toilet paper from work if you’re out for the next week. We’ve all been in that situation before and this could be one that an indie artist is facing next week too.  If you do happen to have some spare money though there are some great products that you can purchase in the series this week.

J Buzzi


I discovered J Buzzi through Twitter. I think it was a discussion about indie artists that one of my colleagues was having with him so I decided to follow him because he’s from the Orlando area. His website is sleek and lists his accomplishments as an indie artist, something that’s rare for an upcoming artist. His shirts are priced at $15 and you get a copy of his latest project as well.




My man Mallz puts on for North Carolina way more than Petey Pablo. He’s a great MC and has released several projects over the last few years. Right now you can get his Hustler Of Culture album in a physical copy or one of these “area code” shirts from his AMSOC click for just $10 each. These are the cheapest I’ve seen for shirts so if your budget is tight this week this is a steal.




I wrote about his Maschine Life crew in the first installment but Keyzus has his own merchandise for his ANKHEART project. There are shirts and bandana’s going for $25 and $15 respectively. You can also cop his project for just under $3 on the site as well.


Rodd. D


One thing that drew me to Rodd. D’s shirts is the logo. It looks professional yet sleek all in one. He also has done something I’ve never seen an indie artist do with their merchandise and that’s have kids sizes. Rodd. D love the kids? Adults pay $20, kids $13 with free shipping (another thing I don’t see artists doing).


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