Feeray Returns With The #JHMF Premiere Of “1982 Daydream”

When one of your favorite artists takes time off it’s a catch 22 for you as a fan. You like it because that means they’ll be working on new material for you so you can enjoy in the future. You also dislike it because it means no more new material until they come back after their hiatus. It’s always good to see people reach out after all these years and still rock with me so that’s why I appreciate this premiere from Indianapolis artist/producer¬†Feeray even more.

Fee hit me up on Twitter a couple weeks back asking if I wanted a premiere for the site. He’s one of the few artists that I will always want to premiere their new music and so of course I said yes. A few days after that he drops “1982 Daydream” in my email. Feeray has always had a diverse catalog when it comes to production and rhyming but this is on a new level for him. He talks about life and ponders questions you may ask yourself on a daily or weekly basis; he addresses dealing with women who have only been hurt in the past, focusing on being a father, family issues, and more. The production behind this is so smooth and gives you an instant vibe that you should be thinking of the good ol’ days.

It’s good to have new music from Feeray and I’m happy that I get the honor of premiering it. Take a listen and feel his life on “just another tale from the Broke St.” with “1982 Daydream”.


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