Support Your Friends Friday: Producers Edition

When I started this series I was focused on merchandise for indie artists. I didn’t want to limit it to that because I also know that some artists don’t have merchandise. That’s ok because there are plenty of other ways that artists are able to make money. Many artists produce their own music so they’re able to sell beats while many also engineer their projects too. Then you have some that are able to get paid for verses which is an amazing thing. This week I wanted to focus on producers because there are a lot of talented one’s that I follow and check out from time to time.





The first of a few from the Detroit area that I’ll be talking about in this post is Acapella. Not only does he make his own beats but he’s unique in that he doesn’t sound like your typical hip-hop producer. He utilizes samples and different styles of music to build his production and it’s easy to hear on his latest Sellin’ My Soul project.





While Chattanooga, TN is celebrating the success of Isaiah Rashad there are more producers and artists there that are on the rise as well. Myze has an eclectic selection of production, mixing soft melodies of strings with pop vibes as displayed on his Almost Impossible project from earlier this year. He’s diverse and that’s something that a lot of producers lack in this era of every trap beat sounding the same.






Credits: “How To Hate” -Lil Wayne feat. T-Pain, “401E To Toronto” -Willy J Peso

DrewsThatDude is one of the best up and coming producers I’ve had the pleasure of talking with on my site. He’s able to mix an electronic style with hip-hop and his originality to do so is outstanding. He’s produced for the likes of Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain (“How To Hate”), Willy J Peso (“401E To Toronto”), Jeezy, and more. That’s a pretty impressive track record and he’s definitely someone you need to work with.






ELJAY has been a friend for a few years and when I first heard his production I thought it was cool. Over the last 18 months, he’s vastly improved and really stepped up his game. These b****es are about to have to start paying him for his s**t. No more free Eljay! His production reflects his personality; it can be serious at times but it’s more fun and live than anything. He has a fantastic ear for sampling and can do anything from video games to flipping a classic song and making it his own (see “L-Boogie’s Lament” off of CLVRFLD: Director’s Cut).





Credits: “Money Dance” -Palermo Stone, “The 6” -Redzone Tay

The Cloudcatchers are a group of producers from Detroit that have an incredible sound for all of them having different styles. Composed of Illuminati G, Hunnit Andretti, Motizzy Beatzand Stackdough, they have tons of tracks that feel like you’re taking a flight or getting lost in the clouds (hence the Cloudcatchers name). If you’re looking for a mellow type of style then these are the guys that you need to hit up for that sound.


Know of a producer who needs to be on this list for the future? Email Joe at with “Support Your Friends Friday” in the subject line.


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