Pavy Takes Us To The Disco With His “Until The Morning” Video

Earlier today I posted the first installment of a weekly series that challenges artists to make better music videos. There are just too many of the same type of videos circulating around the blogs and I’ve had enough of it. We need to make music videos great, damn it! Little did I know that after that post went live I would have a funky and fun new video in my email waiting on me from Chicago’s Pavy.


Pavy is coming off of a perfectly rated album with his Me, by Jonathan McCoy project and is keeping the push going for it. The first couple of videos dealt with more serious topics, like love and coping with life by drowning it out with alcohol. The video for “Until The Morning” takes us back to the disco era with Pavy dancing, grooving, and “getting a fit off” like he mentions on Twitter from time to time.

While I didn’t list it as one of my favorites in the review, it’s a solid song that changes up the tempo of the project. When I heard the song I didn’t know what to expect if a video came of it but now that I see the disco vibe this is perfect. It’s Pavy by himself for the majority of the video, only accompanied by a girl who fits the era and a saxophone player who’s playing the notes of his life. The video was directed by TPJ just like his past few videos. You can connect with him and find out why he thinks CP3 isn’t a Hall of Famer on Twitter. Watch for yourself below.


Connect with Pavy on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


Visit for a free download of Me, by Jonathan McCoy




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