Creative Videos Only 11/22/16

Starting today this new segment will be released on Tuesday’s. Going into 2017 you’ll see more of a structure of when posts are happening so you know what to expect each day of the week. I’m a creature of habit and routine so this will look more and more like my personality in the coming weeks.

With that out of the way, I didn’t find very many videos that weren’t creative in the email this week. There was a lot of good music, as usual, but these videos stood out because they were not only delivering quality music but they made me want to follow what was going on visually.


Chicago’s Pavy kicks things off with his disco-infused “Until The Morning” from his Me, by Jonathan McCoy album. Not only does the song sound like it could be from that era but the video’s quality reflects it as well (thanks to director TPJ). Curtiss King reflects on his “Jubilee Year”, telling his story from how he was on the path to success & riches before realizing it’s not what he wanted. DaBaby shows us what it’s like to rob the plug and get away with it as he counts up money with some ladies in “Drug Money” while Ryan Caraveo shows us beautiful landscapes and ponders his feelings in the Pacific Northwest for his “Real Right Now” video. Finally, my friends at Taste Creators deliver this trippy and abstract video from Kevin Clarke for his “Tsunami” single. Seriously, you might think you’re on a trip after you’re done watching it.


Check out the debut of this segment from last week here

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