Florida’s MeRCY Imagines Himself As Tony Montana With This “Montana Lives Forever” EP

The legend of Tony Montana will live forever as long as rappers watch Scarface. Al Pacino’s performance is one for the ages and has led plenty of artists to imagine themselves in his shoes. Don’t forget though, in the end it was Tony that ended up succumbing to his own vices and as Malice said, “if hustlin’ is a must be Sosa not Tony”.

Many artists have imagined themselves in the role of Tony Montana but not many have done it with a lyrical approach like Florida’s MeRCY. The iLLustrious MC doesn’t try to force anything on Montana Lives Forever as in-house producer Solidified  gives him tracks that feel like the 80’s in “MLF” and “Coke Run” while also MeRCY cooks up his take on how he would do things if he were Tony Montana. MeRCY is never one to give up lyrical content to make a song or project fit to society’s expectations and that’s one of the reasons why Montana Lives Forever is a solid listen.


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