Former State Property Member Oschino Vasquez Talks The Roc, Philly, & More In “A Day In The Life”

It’s not every day that you get an email that contains footage and information about one of your favorite groups in hip-hop history. While I was still learning my hip-hop history in the early 2000’s, Roc-A-Fella became one of my favorite crews because it seemed like they had hit after hit being released. While State Property never came to the full potential it had, it was nice to hear some of the members have success during this period of time as well.

Philadelphia based director Radio Syheem was able to follow former State Property member Oschino Vasquez around for “A Day In The Life” recently and I learned a lot about him that I didn’t know prior to this documentary. Vasquez plays some new music for you while giving you his background and how he came to be. He’s served jail time, had a record deal, and still hasn shown love to his neighborhood throughout all of these life events.


The part of this documentary that stood out to me the most was that Vasquez remembered most of the verse that he recited to Jay Z before getting signed. He rhymes about being a car and how it can make even the ugliest of men seem attractive. You also get to go inside Batcave studios and hear/see him record some new music. If you love yourself some hip-hop history you’ll want to hit play and learn more from this documentary.


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