Creative Videos Only 1/17/17


If you’re new around here let me explain what this post is about: I love music videos that add value to a song. I grew up during the era of music videos that said “To Be Continued…” at the end but were never continued. At least they left us hanging with our imagination on what they could bring to the next video. I want hip-hop artists to get back to that creativity in their music videos so I started this segment on the site.

The playlist for this week is special because each song and video are about a different topic. Leading things off is Pavy with “What I Want” feat. C. Rich.. If you think you’re an alcoholic, then you have some competition from Pavy in this video. The TPJ directed cut is shot in real time and also in reverse, leaving you wondering if Pavy could survive all of that drinking or was it all in his head? Was the girl really there or was Pavy drowning his liver by himself? I love that it leaves you with a cliffhanger.

From alcoholism to a dope lady MC we get to hear a brutal assault from Latasha Alcindor on “Revoke Thee”. One thing I applaud from this video is the nostalgia throughout. The beat mixes some of our favorite NY beats from the 90’s and the video tells a story of LA venting to her friend before confronting the guy she’s been talking about in the song. Directed by Kidz’R evil, this song was originally record a couple years ago as a venting session (Dinner Land). Funny how anger can turn to beautiful art.


Lastly is something that us men need to do more for our ladies. We need to celebrate them, we need to treat them like the queens they are, and we need to show them that we care about them. Jus mixes all of those statements into a video for his “Ridin” single. Amanda from TripleHQ described the song as, ““Ridin’” displays how a man should treat a woman. It’s taking a beautiful queen from a bad situation to a good one.”


Tell me what you thought was the most creative video from this week in the comments! Want to get these playlists every week? Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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