Baltimore’s B. Eveready Has A Hit For The Grinders On “I’ma Hssla”


The definition of hustling is different for everyone. In my 20’s I thought that I had to have a job and multiple side ventures to be considered a hustler. All that did was just make me tired and burnt out on following my dreams. I watch a lot of content from Gary Vaynerchuk and while I see him constantly grinding I don’t feel that same need anymore. You can still be considered a hustler even by sticking to one thing. A lot of people try to fool you into thinking they’re hustlers on the internet but the proof is in the work and the connections that are made for many people.


Baltimore has had an interesting music scene over the last few years. You don’t hear of many artists breaking from the home of the Orioles but they’re also included in that DMV area of music. Don’t let that fool you though; the city is filled with hustlers and hungry artists, like B. Eveready. Originally from Boston, B has called Baltimore home for a few years now and is getting back into the music grind with the first single from his upcoming #GS2 titled “I’ma Hssla”.

This JHMF Premiere has victorious production from Synesthetic Nation and features from Mike Body and J. Charles. “I’ma Hssla” captures the feeling of B right now as an artist. He documents his hunger for the game from an early age in the first verse while telling us what present day holds for him. For some people the grind doesn’t stop and B is proof that he’s built for this type of life with his honesty and fast paced flow.


Passion and hunger will take you far in your career. Some artists have that at the beginning but fizzle out because they get burnt out, like I did. B. Eveready has no plans on letting his flame go out anytime soon as we approach #GS2 this year.


B. Eveready on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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