oshawncoronado and See.Francis Are Looking To Make It To “Heaven’s Gate” On Their New Single


Do you ever find yourself asking what happens after this life? It’s an interesting question to dive into and you’ll receive a different response from nearly everyone you speak to on the subject. For example, I do believe in an afterlife but my little brother doesn’t. We were both raised going to church several times a week. This lead to both of us rebelling in our teen years and looking for our own meanings of life and death.

Meet Oklahoma’s oshawncoronadoa recording artist and audio engineer from the city of Beaver (located in the OK panhandle). oshawn brings a dark aura to his JHMF Premiere of “Heaven’s Gate” as he examines the meaning of life and his past sins throughout the Mantra produced record.


“Stay clear of the weary road/don’t let your fear destroy you/this road is all we’ve known”



oshawn gets some help from New Jersey’s See.Francis for the final verse and it proves to be some of See’s most personal lyrics yet. He tackles everything from racism (“my skin is black, I told them my soul was darker”) to suicide (“some days I hate myself, f**k it, I might just bang myself”). oshawn’s somber hook is the perfect follow up for a verse like this and it sets the tone for the entire song.



No matter what you believe in you’ll be able to enjoy this song. It asks questions that will make you stop to think about your own life and if you’re living the same way. We all need to take a spiritual walk at some point and if this is the motivation you need to see what you believe in, then you’ve picked one hell of a song with “Heaven’s Gate”.


oshawncoronado online: Twitter | SoundcloudWebsite

See.Francis online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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