5 More Songs I Can’t Stop Playing On Repeat


It’s so easy to get lost in the abundance of music that is released on a daily and weekly basis. I just realized when I was driving last night that I still haven’t listened to Big Sean’s album and that was released in February. I have yet to stream DJ Khaled’s feature packed new one and there are plenty of other songs and albums I’ve missed along the way.

I could say the reason is that I’m lazy but in reality there’s just so much new music that things slip through the cracks. Then you have songs and albums that you can’t stop listening to because of how the resonate with your brain. They attract you with their hypnotizing production and lure you in closer with their flows before the lyrics strike you over the head, making you captive to listening on repeat for hours on end. The first entry in this series had a lot of artists that have done this to me over the years. This time I’ve found some artists that I’ve never heard of but want to become a fan of thanks to this one record.

jetsonmade & Mantiz


The amount of heat that South Carolina produces musically to not be recognized on the national scene is ridiculous. Artists like Mantiz & jetsonmade will get their just due at some point. “Hear Say” discusses the concept of attracting women with the money you make from the music lifestyle. jetsonmade & Mantiz both produced on this catchy one.


Uncle TreY


It’s not uncommon for people to meet and start relationships on line. Then you have the couples that post all of their pictures together, creating a relationship for the timeline. “Relationship Goals” from Pennsylvania’s Uncle TreY examines the up’s and down’s of displaying all of your intimate details on social media. Produced by LAVI$H JAX, this one will hit home for some people immediately.




I’ll let you in on a little secret that I currently have: the best music you’ll ever hear from See.Franics is being worked on right now. “Facts” is a short reminder from See that he’s still damn good at this rap thing as he hasn’t released material of his own in a while. Produced by The Vamp, he experiments with multiple flows and bares his soul in a way that would make Future jealous.



Noetic - Back There

You may remember Noetic from a post a few weeks back. If you don’t, this is a good time to get familiar with him. “Feel Me” features Kirk Stillz and is a blend of hip-hop with EDM production. His flows are great and his ability to convey a hip-hop song through an experimental sound is to be applauded.


OG Beno


Like I said on the first entry to this list, the South Carolina scene has some amazing artists. OG Beno comes to us from there with this catchy record about smoking and eating Chinese food. “Chopsticks And Reefa” is a showcase of flow and storytelling as Beno proves he’s great at this over production from KayGW.


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