The Future Of Joe Hova’s Mindframe


First and foremost, if you’ve supported the site in any way over the last four years I’m grateful for you. What started as a blog to help me support indie hip-hop at the end of my college radio career has transformed my life in a major way. The rebrand to JHMF in 2013 after moving from my hometown to Augusta, GA was crucial and I was scared. I didn’t know if anyone would still care after I hadn’t blogged in close to six months upon the relaunch. The support was shown and it sent me further down my career path to where I’m at today.

JHMF Artist Advice V2

I’ve had so much fun writing reviews and posting your music over the last few years. When I began blogging it was towards the end of the era where music blogs mattered the most. Now days, the value of a post has changed. People discover their music more from social media and streaming services than clicking on a blog post. I feel like this is doing a disservice to the artists in helping them reach a bigger audience but it’s also a time waste for myself. It doesn’t make sense to spend 30-45 minutes crafting a post when the return isn’t as great as the time taken to create said post. Most of the time a post doesn’t even get shown love from an artist, which doesn’t make sense to me. That’s a topic for a podcast episode soon.

What does all of this mean? I’m not shutting down the site. I love doing this too much and intend on making my site and artist marketing/strategy my full time job in the next couple of years. Instead of shutting down, this is a direction change. I believe in order to help more artists that I should be providing content that can help their careers instead of posting something that may reach a few eyes. This means that Joe Hova’s Mindframe will be making a shift to more journalism based articles instead of a simple blog post. It also means that I’ll need some writers to help me tackle this obstacle. I have a couple of people set to join but I’m looking for more to help with my vision and join a team that wants to change hip-hop journalism. Want to be apart of this? Email me with JHMF Writing in the subject:


If you want to submit your music, things will be different starting August 1st. For audio based submissions, we’ll be bringing back a weekly playlist via Soundcloud. If you have a music video, we’ll be creating a YouTube playlist weekly to highlight the most creative videos in indie hip-hop. For albums you’ll need to pitch if it will be for a review or if you have a unique angle for why a JHMF writer should cover it for an article.

Audio Submissions: Include “Hova’s Mind” in subject line and send an email to

Video Submissions: Include “Creative Videos Only” in subject line and send an email to

Other Submissions: Include “JHMF Pitch” in your subject line and email



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