Richard Daniel Takes Us With Him To Perform At Secret Stages In “Range” Video


The RDFND collective from Alabama is becoming one of my favorite groups to work with on music releases. One of the reasons? They’re fun and easy to work with on dropping music. Over the past year you’ve heard music from K1NG ELJAY, D Gutand Mel. CrozbyToday we meet the fourth member of the collective, Richard Daniel. He joined the crew officially after The Triptych EP was released this summer and has become another valuable asset for the collective.

Daniel released his latest offering, Sedan, this week a year ago. The 12 track project has helped him make some noise in the area, becoming the only local artist to perform on both stages at the “Secret Stages” festival hosted in Birmingham, AL. This video is a combination of footage from before & during a performance but stands out in typical RDFND fashion.

Shot and edited by ELJAY, you can see not only his personality influence with a mid-video cut to the group addressing an issue. Apparently Daniel left his gear at someone’s house and didn’t realize it until 20 minutes before his performance. This leads to a hilarious turn of events as Daniel addresses the situation before “Stone Cold Steep Often” tells us about the merchandise situation at the venue.

“Range” is a fun song that’s melodic and will get stuck in your head after your first listen. He showcases a slower flow that fits into the harmony of the beat while keeping your attention throughout the record. If this one draws you in, you can take a listen to Sedan in full on his Bandcamp page.


Richard Daniel social media: Twitter | Instagram

“Sedan” online: Bandcamp | Soundcloud


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