JHMF Has Been Fun. Now It’s Time To Evolve


Four years ago I was in the beginning stages of moving from my hometown to Augusta, GA. I had quit blogging July 2013 due to an issue I had with renewing my site, at the time still reflecting my radio name. I had been thinking about a rebrand for some time but moving made me pull the trigger and thus, Joe Hova was born. I went from getting thousands of hits a day to a few, having to rebuild my web presence from the ground up.


I never blogged under my real name as I tried keeping my side hustle and my radio career separate. I can count on one hand how many co-workers knew I ran an indie hip-hop website in my spare time. I didn’t want them to confuse my work on air with anything else. Looking back I don’t know why I kept these separate for so many years. Perhaps it was a confidence issue. When you’re building a brand you want it to be something that you’re known for and that you can stand behind. Was I afraid that my name would get out there and if would affect my loved ones? A little bit. Mostly I didn’t think about it though as blogging was something that I considered fun and I was passionate about it. I also wanted to learn how to make money from it without charging artists for posts.


Last year I switched up my posting strategy. Instead of doing a short blog post I wanted to do more thought out pieces on the art and the marketing behind it. This is where “The Artist Guides” were born. For the first few months this year I would post a new article every other week with tips or interviews with artists on how they created a marketing strategy for themselves. These proved to be a big hit as they’re some of the most viewed posts on JHMF in the four years I’ve been active.


I’ve come to the realization that doing a song or video write up isn’t going to make or break an artist. I love writing about music but my ultimate goal is to provide a service and be a resource for artists looking to take their career to the next level. With that I have to say that Joe Hova’s Mindframe will be rebranding as of today. The Artist Guides will allow me to separate myself from my brand and operate in a better capacity to become a valuable platform for the indie artist; think DJ Booth meets Buffer. My team and I will be doing reviews of projects but also lists such as “The Top Free Apps Artists Should Be Using”. I want to thank you for supporting what I’ve done these last four years and I hope you continue to support me as JHMF transitions to The Artist Guides this week. I’m really excited about this transition and believe that it’s the key to your success as well as mine. Look for new content at theartistguides.com starting in November! 




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